Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Mothers Day

Sunday is Mothers Day; let the guilt begin.

There is no way we can really thank our mothers for their unyielding love in the face of everything we've subjected them to, but that's no excuse to not even try.

The ABC's of motherhood can be broken down into phases: 

The First Phase is keeping their children alive. Watching a baby try to climb a set of stairs and then subsequently hurtle itself off them into the air while subconsciously knowing mommy will be there to catch them is evidence of that. Toddlers are a challenge, too. They eat things that aren't actually food and then they don't eat food that actually is. I see the creative ways they try to off themselves daily and am grateful for my daughters' ever-present hand and patience and skill at keeping my grandchildren alive.

The Second Phase is that mothers lavish their children with attention, showing us the nurturing effects of unconditional love, true kindness and how to pick our battles. That last lesson is something that gets us through life in all its varied forms.

The Third Phase is realizing that our mothers are always there for us, no matter what time  we call or want to pop in, ready with a good piece of advice or a great piece cake. I take extra comfort when my children repeat back advice I've doled out when I thought they weren't listening, but actually were.

And last,even though the list is endless, they taught us the fine art of negotiation.
A good negotiator has everyone leaving the table feeling like a winner. I've pulled out these tactics with my own children, grandchildren and the occasional, difficult client who questions and prods and seeks the upper hand at every step. I smile as I think to myself, You have no idea what you're up against--I can handle you because I was raised by the best.

To my Mom and all those other women who are fortunate enough to have become mothers and to the women who are loved and influence others, I salute you.

Hugs and kisses to all of you. 

Enjoy your special day.



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