Thursday, February 18, 2016

Are You Good At Making Decisions?

...Which is an entirely different thing than making good decisions.

I'm not trying to parse words (well, maybe a little) but it seems as if some people have a difficult time doing just that...making decisions, good or bad, hasty or considered. 

And one person in particular, Madeline Albright, the first woman Secretary of State thinks women voters have no need to make any decision at all. She thinks a knee-jerk reaction would be the way to vote for the only female running for President--duh, no decision necessary. Of course Ms. Albright, having literally paved Hillary's way would have her back. But since we are enough decades distanced from the feminist movement, why is she reducing us to the sum total of our female organs? Isn't the very premise of feminism that we be treated equal? Let the more qualified candidate whose issues ally best with our own get our vote. Leave the admonishments for misbehaving children and Presidential candidates acting like misbehaving children.

That's not to say it isn't a proud moment to have a woman running for President much in the same way as many black voters supported Barack Obama back in 2008 and 2012. However, it would insulting to assume that every single black voter cast their ballot for Obama just as it would be for women to blindly back the current female candidate.

I find myself truly annoyed when someone dithers over making a decision. Unless it's life and death, things have a way of righting themselves, I've always found. Get some backbone and confidence, I say. Just look at Donald Trump, one of the most decisive people I've ever witnessed in front of a microphone. Good, bad, or foolish, he lobs off authoritative missives with elan while Jeb Bush is still trying to decide if he should use his last name in his campaign ads. Really....

Years ago a good friend had been wrestling with a life-altering decision. She decided to take a leap into an unknown venture, which has since paid off amazingly well. At the time she had said to me 'There's something liberating about making a decision.'

Having always been a decisive person, I hadn't really ever wrestled with making a decision, which again, is not to be confused with making good decisions. So here we are back to where we started, and collectively wary as a nation of making a bad decision after years of disappointment at the last one we made.

And I find myself, a formerly decisive person, with her hands to her head in disbelief at the political landscape I am facing. Come November 2016, I'm sure I will have made up my mind when I cast my ballot. But until that time, I will continue to be entertained and dismayed and alarmed and undecided. 

It isn't a good feeling, but then again, nothing about the process so far has felt good at all.    

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